To CONNECT people to God,
developing their RELATIONSHIP with him and his family
so that they will boldly REPRESENT God in this world
and assume RESPONSIBILITY for the spiritual growth of others.

This cycle continues to feed into itself and never ends.

LifeBridge Mission Diagram

Connect People to God: God is passionate about people being restored to relationship with him.
He calls everyone in his family to love and constantly extend that family invitation to others in our various circles of influence.

Relationship: Once we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we need to learn how to grow in that relationship. God is not content with us being “religious”, he wants us to learn how to enjoy him to the fullest, every step of our day. But we also don’t simply embrace a one on one relationship with God, he invites us into his family so we have others to support us in the journey.

Represent: As we grow in relationship with God, he calls us to then represent his love and truth to the rest of the world.
We are to be the restored Image of God, Salt, Light and his Ambassador, sharing the good news of forgiveness and restored relationship for anyone who will accept it.

Responsibility: As we grow in spiritual maturity, we move from simply benefitting from the hard work of others, to being the ones who do the hard work for the sake of others.
True spiritual leaders are the greatest servants of all.,

Relationship with God. Representing Him to the World