Hello all,

So woke up this morning feeling excited for the salsa lesson and the bird park.  Went to school and was given extra homework.  I won’t say why…Shelly!  Can you believe that..I can’t catch up to what I have and now I have more.  Ok I will take it with a grain of salt.  After school we came back and had lunch; rice, potato salad, fried fish and salsa salad…mmmm! Mas, por favor!!  We headed out to the bird park and all I can say was WOW!! The birds are amazing! We got to hold the Macaws, which was awesome….I think I want one.  I found a friend….Polly the parrot..she was awesome she laughs just like me!  I took a video of us laughing at each other. God has such amazing creatures…us included!

Can you tell which one is me and which one is Polly?

I am in love with Honduras, however I hear the weather back home is much cooler.  I can drink a litre of water and sweat 2 litres.  Copan Ruinas is a very hilly place and streets are paved with gold…well not exactly….cobble stone…but when you are this hot, your sweat glistens in your view giving the illusion of gold.


We headed out this evening to the salsa lesson, all I can say is Fabulous! We did a good job, our teacher was excellent; Thanks Abil!  Thank you aunt Tricia for being my partner, got closer than we probably wanted to.   Now off to take a shower and cool off….if that is even possible.   Oh..did I mention the roosters?  NOISY!!!! I am going to KILL them! Urgh!!