Elena served us an early supper of beans, rice, salsa salad,  BBQ beef, homemade tortillas, and fresh limonada! Super yummy!

We left for church at 4:15pm.  On the way to church we explored a bit of Copan. The cobble streets, extremely steep hills, and brightly coloured buildings give the town an awesome, unique look!

We went to a very lively 2 hour service at La Cosecha, a pentecostal church that David’s teacher attends. It was cool to hear them sing songs that we sing at LifeBridge! There was a 5 dude dancing group that danced to all the worship songs.  Very lively!  I think Brett should start a dancing group at LB.  The sermon was just over an hour long (don’t get any ideas, Dad!).

On the way home we stopped at a little cafe and enjoyed some very refreshing drinks!

We were very happy to find Jeff and Rachel tucked into their room at the B&B when we got home.  The gang is all here!

Tomorrow morning we start our Spanish lessons – excited to see how much we learn!