We were picked up this morning bright and early at 6:30 am and drove 1.5 hours to Tela on the coast.  There we took a tour with Garifuna Tours to Punta Sal, a national park.  Here we all are on the bus.  Yes, at 6:30 am!  Don’t we look wide awake and excited?!  You can see most of us in the little skiff we took over to the park, about a 45 min boat ride.

pict 1

When we arrived on the island, we walked through a tropical rainforest and had many interesting things pointed out to us.  The most exciting thing, and get ready for this because you will not believe it!, is that we ate termites!  Our guide told us how they are a great source of protein, if you ever get lost in the forest they can keep you alive, and they taste like carrots!  Well it was a day for adventure and trying new things and so we all picked a termite off of his hand and plopped that little thing right in our mouths!  Yes, Tina, Esther really did do it!  And you know what?  They really do taste like carrots!


Another highlight was coming across a troop of howler monkeys up in the trees.  Our guide had us all yell and then be quiet.  And the monkeys howled and screamed back at us!  So cool!  But we didn’t get too close and push our luck – if the monkeys get feeling threatened, they apparently poop in their hand and throw it at you!

Well after termite-tasting, trying a bit of coconut juice was nothing!  Here you see Lindsay and Esther sipping gracefully from their coconuts!  Esther’s orange one was fruity while Linday’s green one was “interesting” – her words.


After doing some swimming at the little beach there, and trying some snorkeling (Esther, Lindsay, David and I), we all had lunch at the little restaurant on the beach.  A typical lunch of rice and beans (and so it begins!), fish, and fried plantains.  David was eager to get into his fish.  He also got to enjoy Esther’s fish – let me just point out that she would not eat her fish (“It has an eyeball!”), yet she ate termites!  Go figure that one out!

pic 4

After lunch, there was some snoozing going on in hammocks, on towels, on benches for about an hour or so.  And then it was time to get back in the boat and head for Tela.  As the day goes on here, the wind picks up, and thus so do the waves.  Tracy described the trip back in the boat like a rock skipping on water.  Bang, bang, bang went the boat on the waves.  Water spraying everywhere.  Second shower of the day.  A long 45 min ride back but fun nonetheless!  Then we had the 1.5 hour bus ride back to San Pedro Sula.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we got a message that Jeff and Rachel Evans missed their flight tonight due to severe thunderstorms.  They got re-routed to West Palm Beach and are on standby for a flight tomorrow morning.  Please everyone pray, pray, pray for them to make that flight and then get through customs in time to make the bus to Copan.

All this fresh air and sunshine is making me fade fast, so I bid you another “Buenas noches!”