So I guess my birthday present from Dave is his computer because it’s my day to blog… so here I go! Almost everything that has happened has been nothing that I expected… which usually bugs me when things don’t go my way but in this case I am thankful, everything was a surprise. I think my favorite things that have happened so far were definitely the trip we took to Punta Sal, the church service in Copan, and Spanish school. Not that the other activities weren’t fun but these few stuck out to me the most. The trip to Punta Sal was the first time I’ve ever been around tropical water, or in the jungle so it was just such an incredible experience, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This trip was also super amazing cause I faced (even tasted ) all of my biggest fears, the ocean, SPIDERS, big bugs, and wild animals, it was like I had forgot I was afraid of them until after the fact. So that was a huge answer to prayers! The church service in Copan was an amazing experience, I cant exactly explain why…but I just remember thinking “Wow I could come here every night” and constantly hoping the next church we go to will be like that one. I think it touched me how obvious it was that just about everyone in the church was so completely focused on connecting with God, and all of their attention was taken by God. I don’t think that makes much sense, but that’s the best I can do at explaining why it was such an incredible experience. Now about school, I was expecting to go into school knowing little Spanish and come out being fluent… but that was not the case. I went into school knowing little Spanish, and came out of school with still little Spanish but an awesome new relationship with my teacher that I will never forget, and that I am beyond thankful for. Her name is Dunia; she had everything I needed for my teacher to have. Unlimited amount of patience with me, she taught me more in 5 days then I learned in 6 months of Spanish class back home, she worked on building a friendship with me, and getting to know me, she is someone I now look up to a ton, and hope to have the same affect on others, as she had on me. Even thou I was mentally drained, and physically sick, I was still more than excited for my 3 and ½ hours at school with Dunia. I am hoping the Spanish I did learn will not be forgotten, and it will be used in the next 2 weeks as we do missions.

Addition (by Dave): Tonight we threw a special birthday party for Esther with cake and a piñata. We will try to post some pictures tomorrow.