NOTE: Sorry we have had a gap in posting – for the last two days we have had internet issues so we could not post. We have that sorted out now and will get on a regular schedule.

Hola Amigos! It is Sunday morning at 7:30 here in Tegucigalpa. The entire team is now united in one place and we are ready for mission!

Sherri and Cliff arrived in Tegus on Friday evening and spent a night at Gordon and Anna’s. I’ll let them update you on their evening later.

Our Copan team had a great final day in Copan on Friday. We all completed our final day in Spanish class Friday morning. I personally really enjoyed the week of Spanish. On one level, I was really pleased that I retained some of the Spanish I learned last year while Shelly and I were here for three weeks. On the other hand…I guess because I have used very little of it over the last year, I did lose about 50%, so my teacher (Yarely – in Picture) had to start back at about the point I was at after two weeks of lessons last year. Pretty much every thing I had learned in week three was erased from my memory completely. The good thing was that it came back somewhat quickly and I was able to surpass the point I got to last year and did learn some new stuff.

I really love Copan, and it was so nice to reconnect with some of the friends we made last year and make some new ones. Shelly and I were even able to discover some new hidden gems in the town. On Friday, we went to La Casa de Tea y Chocolat (The House of Tea and Chocolate). Most Hondurans do not drink tea but historically the Mayans did make a lot of tea out of the local trees and plants. There is a young lady and her family who opened a small tea shop to reintroduce the medicinal teas to the culture. It was a very tranquil place about 10 minutes walk from where we stayed. Jeff, Rachel, Bev, Shelly and I went there on Friday afternoon to hear a little of the history of the tea growing process and to experience the flavours. I quite enjoyed it and I am usually not a big tea fan ?

In the evening, after dinner the entire group walked down the street to Café Paris. This is a new shop that has opened in the past year and they serve very tropical smoothies and deserts. We haven’t had deserts or sweets all week so it was a real treat and the place was very decadent for Copan.

For me personally, Friday and Saturday were a little derailed by some “travellers stomach” issues. The worst of which was between 5am-9am on Saturday. I have no idea how that happened given that I haven’t consumed anything that the others haven’t had also, but today (Sunday) I seem to be almost back to my normal self.

Saturday morning we were packing and preparing for departure. We were picked up by Luis, an older local gentleman who owns a large van and he strapped all our luggage to the roof and then loaded us up for the 3 hour bus ride through the winding mountain roads to return to San Pedro Sula. I had the front passengers seat (as a gift for my 6’1 frame) and so I had the best spot to see the landscape. The drive is beautiful and everything was very lush and green as we passed through some small towns along the way. It is always interesting to see how the locals live some very modestly ad others very poor in small shacks made of recycled aluminum-type sheets.

We arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare for check-in, grabbing a bite of lunch and catching our flight to Tegus at 5:30. The flight was 45 minutes and we were greeted at the airport by Cliff and Sherri, Gordon and Anna, Alvin Anderson and several of his team. They gathered us together and brought us home to Casa de Anderson for a home-cooked dinner of pineapple chicken, steamed veggies and baked potato. We spent some time socializing after dinner and then our tired crew crashed for the evening around 9PM. So, we are ready for Sunday services and our first day as a full team. We will keep you posted on our journey of serving and relationship building!