I apologize for not writing more – we have been having such full, grand days that we are all dog tired by the time 9 pm rolls around that we are heading to bed and maybe reviewing some Spanish homework before dropping our eyelids!

Yesterday was the last day of Spanish classes and our heads are full!  It was a great week and I do believe that everyone has fallen in love with Copan Ruinas!  Yesterday, after classes were done, everyone had free time to do as they wished.  Some went shopping for more souvenirs, some packed and siesta-ed.  David and I met our teachers from last year, Yarely and Julia, for frappucinos at Cafe San Rafael.  We talked and got caught up and spent an enjoyable two hours with them.  I was so surprised and touched when they gave me a gift of earrings when we left.  And then Jonathan, the waiter that we became friends with last year, brought us over a couple bags of coffee as a parting gift.  So sweet!   I love these people!  Julia’s husband, Wilmel, is a taxista and he drove us to La Casa de Te where we met up with Jeff, Rachel and Bev.  This place is only open to the public for two hours a day.  They grow native trees in the mountains and make teas that their ancestors used to make to cure various ailments.  They give you an education about all of their work, then give you a sample of tea and then you can order hot or iced tea.  It was a nice way to spend a couple hours.  We all walked back to Elena’s in time for supper.  After supper most of us checked out a new place a few doors down called Cafe Paris.  They have cakes!  This was the first time we have had dessert since arriving in Honduras!  What a treat!  Yummm!!  We headed home and everyone parted to pack.

Today we have had breakfast and exchanged some gifts with Elena and are now just waiting for Luis to come to pick us up in a few moments.  He is going to drive us directly to the San Pedro Sula airport where we will be catching a flight to Tegucigalpa at 4 pm.

Everyone is a bit sad to leave lovely Copan but we are looking forward to our next week of missions in Tegus.  I have been so impressed with my fellow travellers – everyone is so positive about everything and everyone is so easy to get along with.  It is a pleasure hanging out with them.  And I’ve been super impressed with “las jovenes” (the young ones) – I truly cannot believe how hard they have studied for their Spanish lessons.  The hours they have spent doing their “tarea” (homework) would please their teachers back home (maybe even shock them!).  Parents of las jovenes, you can be proud of how maturely they are conducting themselves!

Adios Copan!  We hope to return another day!