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Come and see what the Family of God is like.

At LifeBridge, we want to engage those who are curious, invite them to become and belong, and equip them to serve and multiply. Because of this commitment, our LifeGroups are open to anyone and everyone. There is always a seat at the table!

If you only ever attend a Sunday gathering, you will only see the tip of the iceberg that is church life. LifeGroups are where we live out a larger percentage of what it means to be the Body of Christ — by applying the Word of God to our hearts and lives as we build community, bear burdens, and find joy together in the good news of Jesus!

Monday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Bryce Harrison for more info:

(803) 348-8448 |

Tuesday Mornings @ 10am

Reach out to Deb Beck for more info:

(902) 476-1129 |

Tuesday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Steve Savage for more info:

(902) 989-5373 |

Wednesday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Dave Tonen for more info:

(902) 878-0030 |

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