Here are 8 of the team members in the Halifax Airport getting ready to go through security.  Don’t we look excited?!  I am now writing this from the Toronto Airport – so we have made it that far…only after some troubles with Tracy’s boarding pass, and Esther’s carry-on liquids (did you know that all liquids must fit in one ziploc bag? Not the big ones either! ), and Rethabile almost leaving a bag behind at security, we did all make it to YYZ.  That was only the beginning of the boarding pass problem for Tracy – she ended up having to leave security and go to the Avianca counter to get her boarding passes.  An hour later, she has her boarding passes and all is good.  Thank goodness we have a 3 hour layover here!  Now, we need you all to pray that our tight connection in San Salvador goes smooth as melted butter so we make our flight to San Pedro Sula!