Message: “The Longing Exxperienced” from Steve Savage

A message from the series “More Is Yet To Come: Advent Series.” The first promise of a coming Messiah in the Bible is found in God’s rebuke of Satan in Genesis 3:15. From there, as God continued to unfold His plan, the promise – and with it the expectation and the longing – grew. Yet from man’s perspective, it was a long time coming! But as the message of Christmas makes clear, although God is silent, He is not absent! And in His perfect time, He will fulfill His promises. And our longing will indeed be fulfilled.

Message: “Jesus Said What?” from Steve Savage

A message from the series “Mark\’s of a Disciple.” As we read the Gospels we are often thrilled reading about the miracles Jesus performed. But the most powerful thing about the earthly ministry of Jesus was not what he did; it was what he said. A mark of a disciple is an individual who obeys what Jesus said by learning to repent often, while embracing the gospel in their lives every day.

Message: “Lest We Forget” from Steve Savage

A message from the series “Mark’s of a Disciple.” Since the dawn of time, fallen humanity had waited for the appearance of a perfect man who would challenge sin and Satan to deliver the human soul from the bondage of evil. Mankind had been looking for our spiritual V-Day – victory day. That day of victory would come – three years later at the cross where Jesus died, striking a fatal blow to the heart of the enemy by being raised from the dead and claiming victory over sin, death and Satan. But the victory began in a desert battle for the ages. Jesus has just been baptized, anointed by the Holy Spirit for his messianic ministry, and acknowledged by his Father as “My beloved Son. I’m very pleased with you.” But he isn’t allowed to bask long in the glow of this moment. He has to go to war.