Steve Savage - April 21, 2019

Joy In The Promise!

It had been a very dark day for followers of the Lord. By the time Jesus died, only a few disciples remained at the cross. Everyone else had fled. The very last to leave were a few of the women who had followed Him. They were devastated and discouraged. How could God’s purpose continue from this low ebb? What would keep this new way to God - the Kingdom of God - its flame barely burning at this point - from being completely snuffed out? The words “He isn’t here” we’re actually words of great joy to the few who still cared.

From Series: "Easter - Hope In The Darkness"

Will you choose to trust Jesus’ plan for your life, whatever that looks like, or will you allow yourself to be swept along with the masses who shouted Hosanna one minute and rejected him the next because the plan revealed didn’t match what was expected?

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