Steve Savage - September 17, 2017

Is Jesus God, Man or Myth?

God seems to be full of paradoxes; Die to live, become a slave to be free, He is three and yet He is one, first will be last, and he is fully man & yet fully God. Why is that fact so vital for us as followers of Jesus Christ… as the church?

From Series: "Fulfilled: Fed Up Living In A Starving World"

We live in a world that is running on ‘empty’… empty promises, empty dreams, empty hopes. How do we, as partners of LifeBridge, live in such a way that show cases the fullness of life and a hope in an eternity that can only be found in Jesus Christ? Over the next 5 weeks we will explore how we may be filled with Christ, and how the fullness of Christ, as he permeates throughout his church, can’t help but effect a change in and through our lives so that the world we live in everyday can’t help but take notice.

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