Thursday, last day of mission.

We went to the girls prison again for the third day. How special to be able to greet many of the girls by name! We started off with one of the young ladies, Wendy, reading a passage of the Bible and then praying. I wasn’t able to understand everything she was saying but she prayed with much enthusiasm and fervor! We then stood and held hands and they sang a couple of worship songs. After about the second song, the reality of what we were doing started to strike me – we are in a prison with girls who have robbed and murdered and we are all worshipping God in song. The tears started to flow and the Hoover Dam couldn’t keep them back. I just lost it (a la Honduras Mission 2013 in Veinte-uno). The girl beside me turned and started to hug me. Isn’t this the opposite of what is supposed to happen? Shouldn’t I be the one offering comfort to them? Eventually I hauled it together.

Then Esther felt God calling her to share her testimony and that was a very powerful thing and a few more members of the team added to the waterworks. Then all of us wrote down a favorite verse and put them in a hat. One of the girls from the prison would pull one out, look it up in her bible and read it aloud. She would then try to guess which one of wrote down that verse. We would then in turn explain why that verse was meaningful to us. After we had finished this activity, the girls decided they wanted to do the same thing for us. The whole morning was quite a moving experience for our team and for many of the girls.

Interestingly, Thursday is visitation day – it was a bit sad to notice how many of the girls had no one come to visit them. This is Anna’s mission field. She is exactly where she is supposed to be when she is talking to these girls. It is a very cool thing to see.