Today was a big day and tomorrow will be even bigger. We spent this morning at the feeding centres and had many activities with the children. The little girl that is pictured here praying was saying grace before she ate lunch. This to me summarizes what our mornings have been all about. This picture will be one of my mission highlight pics!

We spent the afternoon at the girls prison playing soccer, building relationships, and the activity was having them make tied-dye t-shirts. The girls loved doing this and they were very creative in their designs.

We are not allowed to bring cameras into the prison as the government prohibits pictures of the girls or the facilities.  They have a secure process at check in and a government appointed lawyer that keeps an eye on us along with some guards to ensure we comply with all the rules. They were very impressed with the shirts activity today and we asked for a special privilege to be able to take one picture that included the girls but would not show their faces, yet would show the shirts they created and would include us as part of the Manos Team. After some discussion the lawyer approved our request and I was allowed to bring in my camera and take the picture below. The girls were excited if not also a little disappointed that they could not have a picture where they could see their faces. The lawyer made me show her the pictures before I was allowed to leave the prison and she approved. So, you get a glimpse at the inside, which is rare, you can see some of the shirts drying on the railing and you can see our team at the bottom of the stairs.


Please pray for us on Thursday.

We are spending the entire day at the girls prison tomorrow and then will be going out for street ministry to feed some of the poorest people in the world in the evening. It will be a long and emotional day. Please pray for our protection, our effectiveness, and a special anointing so that we will have impact in some way(s) on the present but also on the eternity for some people we will minister to tomorrow.