Strategic Discipleship: Free discipleship curriculum used by LifeBridge.

Theology Videos: Free theology video course

Study Resources:

Bible Gateway: A great way to study the Bible online. The Bible “accessible” to everyone

Blue Letter Bible

Bible Dictionary and Encyclopedia:

Bible Atlas: (LifeBridge does not necessarily endorse the views in the articles displayed on this site.)

Bible Maps: Google maps showing “real-time” Biblical sites.

Bible Sprout: Bible resources and studies.

               The Savage Theologian: Practical Theology for the rest of us. 

Free Mobile Bibles:

The Faith­life Study Bible


How To Share Your Faith App

Freedom Courses: Free online programs to help with: Sexual addictions and purity Food issues Substance abuse Gambling

Filters for Accountability Online:

Parental Guides for Protecting Your Children’s Online Privacy

Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

20 Ways to Protect Your Children Online

OpenDNS (Free) Internet filter that hosts on your wireless router so all mobile devices are protected

Accountable2You (Cost) Internet Accountability

X3 Watch (Free) Internet Accountability

Covenant Eyes (Cost) Internet Accountability

SafeEyes (Cost) Internet Filter & Accountability

Christian News & Events:

Atlantic Canada Christian Events:  JesusAtlantic provides Christian news and events from around Atlantic Canada.

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