Steve Savage - March 29, 2020

The Grand Deception

Laodicea was a church blinded by a grand deception. They conducted ‘great’ ministry in their city, believing they were clothed in God's finest, needing nothing. But Jesus saw things differently and rebuked them. The truth of the matter is everything without Jesus equals nothing; nothing with Jesus equals everything.

From Series: "Dear Church"

The book of Revelation is a book that contains rich and confusing imagery while providing a beautiful vision of the vindication of the Lord. We are given glimpses of the redeemed worship around the throne, and gory depictions of the battles between good and evil. But we must be reminded, that in its original setting, Revelation was written to bring comfort to suffering Christians during the rule of Rome and its emperor. Early in the book, we read letters written to seven churches. In these letters, we are given glimpses of the church experience in the first century. What if Jesus wrote a letter to our church? What would he say to us? How would he label us? We will explore these questions by looking at the letters to the seven churches of Asia.

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