Steve Savage - January 12, 2020

Dying To Know Christ, Living To Make Him Known

God’s mission for us is to know his son intimately. The purpose of our knowing him is to glorify him as we live and interact with others. Declaring to a world the life giving, soul saving and transformative son of God.

From Series: "Invest In God's Mission"

Churches don’t have a mission; God has a mission, and churches are invited to participate in that movement of God’s love toward people. We don’t “take Christ” to the ends of the world, we join in what Christ is already doing in the hearts and lives of all people. We’re invited to open our eyes and see what God is already doing and join in that work. The investment of our time, energies, talents and money in God’s mission is ultimately not for the maintenance of buildings and programs, or the salaries of ministers and staff. Our investment is nothing less than our participation in God’s mission, in God’s expanding work in saving and redeeming the world!

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Relationship with God. Representing Him to the World