Steve Savage - March 24, 2019

Bless Those Who Hurt Me?

Many of us know we are to be a blessing to those who mistreat us. But what does that really look like? And why is it so important that we do this? In the first century, those same questions were lingering in the minds of those who were being asked to serve the unjust people who made them suffer. Peter shared that suffering in such a way may actually be the opportunity God has given us to display the life of Jesus more fully than we ever realized we could.

From Series: "A Real Hope: Finding Hope In Difficult Times"

Book series: 1 Peter Many are asking today if there is any hope. Their worlds have been torpedoed and many are in the depths of hopelessness, and they’re wondering if there is any hope for their life, marriage, church, country, and future. Peter reveals the good news - through Jesus there is real hope.

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