Steve Savage - April 19, 2020

Does God Really Care About Sin?

Why is sin a problem for God? As long as what I do doesn’t hurt anybody else or affect them negatively why should they care? More to the point why would God care? What difference does it make to him? Can’t he just leave me alone?

From Series: "Does God Really Care About...?"

The question “Does God Really Care About…?” Can be asked another way. “Why does God Care whether we Obey Him or Not?” That is really the underlying question. The short answer is that obedience to God proves our love for him, demonstrates our faithfulness to him, glorifies him in the world, and opens avenues of blessing for us. If our faith is genuine and true, we will live a lifestyle characterized by righteousness, modeling the example set for us by Jesus Christ. We obey his commands, not because we have to, but because we want to, because we love him. We are enabled to obey because, once we believe in Christ and are saved, we are remade. We are not the same people we once were.

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