Steve Savage - August 4, 2019

Radical God

Whether it was the death of a marriage, the death of a life-long dream, or the death of a significant person in our life, we’ve all tasted and experienced death in this world. Sickness, disabilities, opposition, evil, and heartbreak can jar our confidences and breed disappointments. These experiences can cultivate cynicism. But when Jesus left this world, he assured us, “In this world, you will have trouble.” We will face opposition, heartbreak, and evil. This is not heaven, and sin is still prevalent. But this is not the end of the verse; John 16:33 finishes, “But take heart! I have overcome the world.” This means that death, loss, ruin, and endings do not have to bring us down. That is because God is in the business of bringing life out of death. He can make something out of nothing, turn a nobody into a somebody, and spin a bad thing into a good thing. This is good news for those whose lives have been marked by mistakes, broken relationships, destructive behaviors, and sin. This is the Good News for every single human being. If God took Jesus’ death and raised him back to life, then we have every reason to believe that God can bring restoration out of the mess in our lives, too. And that’s because we worship a radical God who has overcome.

From Series: "Radical Discipleship"

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