Rob Laidlaw - December 23, 2018

The Message Proclaimed

Understandably, the shepherds could not contain themselves in proclaiming the good news of the long-awaited Messiah’s advent into our world! But it was not only good news about His coming; He also embodied that good news, as he declared in the synagogue in Nazareth, and as he went about proclaiming the kingdom throughout Judea. Even so, as those who also have received the good news, we are mandated to take that same message into the entire world. Does the description of Jesus’ followers given in Acts 5:42 fit us, that “day after day…they never stopped teaching and proclaiming (ESV – preaching) the good news that Jesus is the Christ.

From Series: "More Is Yet To Come: Advent Series"

As believers, we look back, but we also look forward. Just as our children delight in the remembrance of past Christmas joys, they also look forward to what awaits them under the tree. More is yet to come. As his people, we look back and remember that Christ has come and redeemed the world. We look forward and hope for that day when he will come again, making all things new - more is yet to come.

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