Steve Savage - December 3, 2017

The Best Gift Ever!

It is truly more blessed to give than it is to receive. Paul quoted the words of Jesus as he was saying his goodbyes to the church in Ephesus. But Paul wasn’t speaking to a bunch of people disappointed in a gift received, rather he was speaking from the context of giving more to others who were in need. It came from a sacrificial mindset that was birthed in the giving we see in the life of Jesus, and because Paul had experienced that gift in a very real and personal way, his sense of giving more than receiving was something that captured his imagination and overwhelmed him in such a way that it shaped his whole outlook on life, death and everything in-between.

From Series: "Christmas Is Not Your Birthday"

Christmas has become a consumer-centered orgy of materialism and self-indulgence, as such we need to refocus on Jesus, his purpose in coming, and the birthday gifts he truly desires.

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