Steve Savage - October 28, 2018

Introduction to Mark

The message of Mark was written to encourage Jesus’ disciples and to prove beyond a doubt that Jesus is the messiah. Mark presents Jesus as the model to follow, his true identity being revealed by what he does, not necessarily by what he says.

From Series: "Mark's of a Disciple"

The Gospel of Mark is fast-paced, always moving and completely counter-cultural. The ultimate purpose and theme of Mark’s Gospel is to present and defend Jesus’ universal call to discipleship. Mark returns often to this theme, categorizing his main audience as either followers or opponents of Jesus. Mark presents and supports this call to discipleship by narrating the identity and teaching of Jesus. For Mark, discipleship is essentially a relationship with Jesus, not merely following a certain code of conduct. Fellowship with Jesus marks the heart of the disciple’s life, and this fellowship includes trusting Jesus, confessing him, observing his conduct, following his teaching, and being shaped by a relationship with him. Discipleship also means being prepared to face the kind of rejection that Jesus faced. Do we bear the marks of a disciple?

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Relationship with God. Representing Him to the World