The Connection Service is our Sunday Morning Church Service
Each Sunday: 10:30AM – 11:45AM

What can you expect at our Connection Service?
We will provide an opportunity for you to connect with God in a relevant and meaningful way. No Sunday morning service is exactly the same – we typically try to integrate contemporary music, video, drama, story-telling, and a short message from the Bible, all built around a practical theme that can be applied to your life.



Series: Invest In God’s Mission
January 5th – February 2nd, 2020

Jan 5 – God’s Mission 2 Corinthians 5:11-21
Steve Savage
God’s mission for us is to tell the world that they can be reconciled to God. That’s the only reason we’re really here on Earth. Everything else we could do better in Heaven. We could have purer fellowship there, purer worship there, purer lives there, purer everything there. The only reason we’re here is because we have this ministry of reconciliation.

Jan 12 – Dying to Know Christ, Living to Make Him Known Galatians 1:15-16
Speaker: Steve Savage
God’s mission for us is to know his son intimately. The purpose of our knowing him is to glorify him as we live and interact with others. Declaring to a world the life giving, soul saving and transformative son of God. 

Jan 19 – Reflect Christ’s Glory Ephesians 1:11-12; 5:23-32; Colossians 1:13-18; 1 Timothy 3:15
Speaker: Steve Savage
God’s mission for us is to reflect the image of Jesus to the world through our lives. God has planned the church’s values to be His values. He expects its lifestyle to reflect His character. As the moon reflects the glory of the sun to a dark earth, so the church is to reflect the glory of Christ to a dark world.

Jan 26 – Passion for God’s Passion Matthew 25:14-30
Rob Laidlaw
We all know we’re supposed to live for God’s purposes, but reality reveals we tend to do our own thing and ‘hope’ God blesses us. This message calls us to a different Christ-centred approach that will give shape to how we can live with greater purpose and effectiveness.

Feb 2 – Live Out the Gospel Mathew 5:13-16
Steve Savage
God’s mission for us is to live out the gospel characterized by empowered corporate worship, evangelistic effectiveness, counter-cultural community, faith & work, and the doing of justice and mercy.   


Series: Dear Church
Letters To The Seven Churches Of Revelation
February 9th – April 5th, 2020

Feb 9 – The Church is John 20:21; Acts 2:42-47; Ephesians 2:19
Speaker: Steve Savage
The Church is a sent nation to proclaim Christ to the world. We exist in and through Jesus Christ, no longer separated from relationship with God, but instead are a new people with no social or religious class and barriers. Our community on earth is therefore a foretaste of the unity we will share in heaven. 

Feb 16 – Oh How I Loved Jesus Revelation 2:1-7
Steve Savage
In the first steps of our Christian walk we experience fervor without knowledge. The danger happens later on when we can begin to experience knowledge without fervor. Both are necessary. We must keep asking ourselves whether or not we love Jesus with the same fervor as when we first fell in love with him.

 Feb 23 – The Poor Rich Church Revelation 2:8-11
Speaker: Steve Savage
The church in Smyrna was undergoing intense and withering persecution.  Jesus comes to them with a word of comfort for their dark days, telling them that even though they appear to be so week and so poor, they are, in fact, rich beyond imagination.

Mar 1 – Unloving Tolerance Revelation 2:12-17
Rob Laidlaw
In Revelation 2:12-17 we read about a church that had confused tolerance with love, and therefore quit doing church as God intended. This church was doctrinally pure; but they had drifted into compromise. Jesus comes to call them back to the right path. In these verses, there is a word for our hearts today. There is the danger that we might hold the right doctrines, but still drift into compromise with the world around us.

Mar 8 – Flexianity or Christianity? Revelation 2:18-29
Speaker: Steve Savage
Some of practice flexianity when it comes to our faith in Christ. It is an attempt to compromise on the foundational truths of our belief system, and it’s nothing new – in fact we see a church that has left its founding principles and has gone off into compromise and apostasy. Jesus writes to the church at Thyatira, and subsequently to us, offering us some important choices when it comes to compromising our faith.

Mar 15 – Church of The Living Dead Revelation 3:1-6
Speaker: Steve Savage
In 1968 the famous “B” movie, “Night of the Living Dead” was released, complete with flesh eating zombies. The zombies were dead, but they moved about as if they were still alive, almost as if someone forgot to tell them that their lives had come to an end. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens to churches. They find themselves going through all the motions, saying all the right things, and by all appearances, seem to be alive, but in reality, are experiencing spiritual death.

Mar 22 – Perseverance Revelation 3:7-13
Speaker: Steve Savage
As we’ve looked at several of the churches Jesus addressed in the book of Revelation, we’ve discovered that all of the churches other than the one we’re looking at today and the church at Smyrna had something negative going on that Jesus rebuked them for. What set them apart? For the Church at Philadelphia it was their perseverance in spite of circumstances that would cause them to be tempted to just walk away. However, they didn’t… let’s look at some specific reasons why the Church at Philadelphia persevered, and learn how we can do the same thing.

Mar 29 – The Grand Deception Revelation 3:14-21
Speaker: Steve Savage
Laodicea was a church blinded by a grand deception. They conducted ministry in their city, believing they were clothed in God’s finest. They probably thought that everyone could see how rich they were, needing nothing. But Jesus saw things differently and rebuked them. In fact, this is the last message of Jesus to his churches, and he has nothing positive to say about this congregation at all. Let’s consider some of the problems of this congregation and not repeat them.

April 5 – Special day of prayer for the Church: LifeBridge Church; Explore Church; Colby Community; The Church in Canada; The Universal Church. 


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