Hola Life Bridge!

We are so blessed to be a part of your mission team to Honduras and to reconnect with old friends and make new ones!

Today we had the opportunity, along with Tricia, to meet our Compassion children. For us, it has been an eight year journey to get here since we first started sponsoring Lisbeth.

Our day started when our wonderful Compassion translators, Joel and Homberto picked us up at Manos and brought us to Compassion’s House of Diamonds project. We took a tour of the facilities, met the staff and got to read through Lisbeth’s Compassion file – she’s a great student and gets along well with the other students at the project site.

Then came the moment we had been anticipating for eight years – meeting Lisbeth! Words can hardly describe the emotion in that moment. We were greeted with hugs – first from Lisbeth’s mother Yanci and then Lisbeth herself and we were welcomed into their home. We talked and prayed for each other and exchanged family photos.

We piled into the van with Lisbeth, Yanci and her two younger siblings (Gared and Melody) and were off to meet Tricia’s Compassion child, Genesis. After another emotional visit, we were able to briefly meet Lisbeth’s father Alex at his workplace before heading to the City Mall for lunch.

Now, when we think of heading to the mall in Canada, we don’t think of this as a big event. It’s just a normal everyday thing for us. But for Lisbeth, Genesis and their families, it was a whole other story. We were shocked to find out that they had never been to the mall before. Seeing the children in awe of the massive water fountain at the entrance and then their hesitation at taking a ride on an escalator for the first time was overwhelming and something we’ll never forget!


Another first for the children was visiting the “arcade”. When we think of arcades, we think video games, but this was more like a small amusement park in the mall. The highlight for us and Lisbeth were the bumper cars – I (Rachel) motivated the kids to target Jeff, of course! Up to that point, Lisbeth had been pretty shy and reserved, so to see her smiling and laughing with us was awesome – it was a great way to connect with her!

We ended our visit with Jeff and Lisbeth’s favourite desert – ice cream and a few more rides on the escalator. Jeff even tried a couple of times to dunk Gared in the water fountain, but he was too quick for Jeff!

Meeting Lisbeth and her family was something we will never forget and we will hold this memory in our hearts. They are such a close, loving family and it is evident that Alex and Yanci are great parents and are raising three wonderful children. We are so blessed to know them and we are excited that we will be able to continue our visit with Lisbeth and Yanci tomorrow when we take them to the water park with the rest of the group and their Compassion children.

Jeff & Rachel