Connecting through football, indeed soccer is a universal sport and it is true here at the women’s prison as well, over the past two visits through playing soccer I (we) have become a little closer to the small group of girls who wished to join in the pick up game. The pitch we play on is concrete, not soft or forgiving however the spirit of competition is alive and well, today we return for our third visit, although we do have a problem as we have destroyed both new soccer balls we brought down from Canada, not from powerful strikes but from the balls hitting sharp objects and then deflating. This dilemma will not keep us down, today we shall introduce soccer Frisbee!

Through the connections we have made so far over our past two visits playing the beautiful game, I feel the girls will be open and receptive to hearing the words and teachings of God through some bible verse sharing time, so please pray for those girls that do not have a relationship with God that perhaps today they are moved by the spirit and convicted!

~Cliff Flint (picture is Cliff with a little girl named Andrea at Feeding Center #2 on Wednesday morning)