Hola!! What an eventful day we had. Up bright and early to breakfast served by the wonderful cook Elena. Then we sauntered down the huge and I mean huge hill and steep stairway to our Spanish school.   We were each assigned our own individual instructor with whom we spent approximately 3.5 hours today.  Our instructors know very little English so it made for an interesting and intimidating session at times.  My teacher (maestra) is Emma. She was very patient with me and we often wavered off track discussing (in Spanish of course) more personal stuff. She had a hard time grasping that I lived on my own and that my family members lived in several different cities. Once the session was completed we returned to our home stay slogging it up the steep hill. A challenge on the lungs.



After lunch we headed to the Copan Mayan Ruins. Our guide Marvin  provided us with a detailed description of Mayan history, of the specifics of the ruins and and the sculptures. The hieroglyphic  staircase was spectacular and the highlight of the tour(details all the Copan Mayan history).  We also took a trip in the moto taxis(tuk tuk). I found it a bit of a harrowing drive down the steep hills. We have attached a shot of some of us in the moto taxi. I am now off to do my Spanish homework so I can face the challenge showing my maestra that I have learned something. Buenas noches!!